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NOWtv, where truth lives is a vein within the Natasha Oquendo netWORK that delivers the pure, unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world wide web.  Each video clip is a depiction of the revelatory knowledge of Jesus Christ that if properly and rightly applied can advance the church both individually and collectively into greater dimensions and understanding of God's Word.  Every passionate and fiery delivery challenges the perspective of the believer and the nonbeliever in hopes to grasp a greater level of faith in our Savior.  NOWtv is not limited to the boundaries of the church but has the capacity to flow into every area of our lives.  So if you are seeking greater understanding, truth, and a deeper relationship with the true and living God, then SUBSCRIBE to us today and watch God shift your mindset.  Get ready, your time is definitely NOW! Also, be on the lookout for Raw Truth live.