Natasha Oquendo, an enthusiastic preacher, intercessor, mentor, life coach, conference host/speaker, revivalist, and teacher of the word of God; speaks God's truth with clarity to bring knowledge, wisdom, and understanding behind and away from the pulpit.  Driven by her passion for character building, shaping integral believers, and mentoring; Prophetess Oquendo's candid delivery makes spiritual concepts applicable to everyday living.  Her fiery, passionate, yet charismatic delivery of the Gospel captivates diverse audiences without restrictions of denomination, culture, or exposure.


In 2007, she and her husband founded Flow of the Spirit International Ministries, Inc. based in Panama City, FL. The Flow of the Spirit International Ministries a ministry well known for its concentration on prayer and intimacy with God pushes and challenges its members to strive for holiness.  The ministry is more notably known for hosting city-wide prayer crusades.


With a mission to deliver the Gospel in a way to provoke self-assessment to everyone from the biblical scholar to a non-parishioner, in 2013 N.O.W. (Natasha Oquendo netWORK) was born. The establishment of her personal ministry has enabled her to reach broader audiences through all forms of communication outlets: television, radio, and written publications.  Her very innovative approach to reaching what is deemed as a lost generation has created a shift in the mindset of "church as usual."


Licensed and Ordained in the Office of a Prophet, she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Ministry.  Now adding author, radio personality, and TV ministry to her list of credits; she is leaving her mark here on earth! Her non-compromising way of addressing "controversial" topics that affect believers is refreshing.  Prophetess Oquendo is not afraid to stand up for the Gospel in a time where it's favorable to sit down!




  • Author 

    • ​Power Prayer Packet published in 2011, a book of actual prayers composed by Prophetess Oquendo that targets everything from encouragement to prosperity.  This wonderful packet includes an amazing audio CD as a bonus with Prophetess praying for the listener.​

  • Radio Personality

    • ​The Time Is NOW, a talk radio show that was airing simultaneously in several cities.  It includes clips of her powerful, life-changing sermons with special segments that include interviews with guest and subject matter experts in theme with the discussion of the day.

  • Recordings

    • ​Recorded prayer CD's providing persons with the personal experience of having prayer with Prophetess about whatever the Lord place on her heart for that season allowing her audience to experience it continuously.

  • Prayer TeleConferences

    • ​The International Prayer Line was started in 2007 allowing people all over the world to connect and pray.  With different prayer ministers and leaders praying very intentionally for the Gospel to spread to every end of the earth; concluding with sharing what God gave during the experience.

With fervent passion, she compels mankind to receive the fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence.  She displays a skillfully aggressive, yet sincere hunger and thirst for intimacy with God. The manifest presence and transforming power of Christ are tangible attributes in her life and are distinguishing benchmarks of her ministry.  The glory, authority, favor, and dominion of Jesus Christ truly rest graciously upon her life, yet she possesses a child-like faith!  She humbly yet confidently, knows that the anointing that carries her is a direct result of the Lord's grace and mercy.  She flows boldly under a very authentic and diverse mantle which relentlessly exemplifies God's Kingdom in operation.  She has an extreme pursuit towards God and accurately expresses what is on His heart ad mind.  This woman of God is an Eternal Messenger and genuine mouthpiece of the Most High God.



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